Davis's Noble Sheepdogs

Breeding, Grooming,Training, and Loving Old English Sheepdogs

Faolan is a spunky boy who loves a good tennis ball rope toy or the occasional romp in the mud.  Loving a good butt scratch, he'll let you know when to stop.  Faolan is our second male sheepdog in the family.
Lorkan is the most  chill dog which makes him a great service dog. He knows he is the king of the pack and struts around to show it. He loves to be brushed and to meet new people. He is very well behaved and loves his treats when he gets the chance to eat one.
Rona our fist sheepdog is the sweetest dog ever. She loves to play out in the yard with the other sheepdogs or just relaxing on the couch. Rona is one of those dogs that when you meet her you just cant help to smile as she wins over your attention as well as makes you giggle as she wiggles he butt in excitement to have met you, hence her nickname in the family is Wiggle Butt. 
Gidgit is our younger female who loves to get a nice grooming. She loves to play in the yard and with the other dogs. She loves children and is a prima dona when it comes to your attention. She is steadily growing and turning into a wonderful sheepdog. Gidgit is a great dog to have in our home. We cant wait to see what happens with her in the future.