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I have been grooming for five years. I  started my own different styles for the breeds but also works with Notes from the grooming table as a quick reference guide if needed. I not only have the passion for grooming but I also breed as well. Dog work is my life 24/7. At Davis`s Noble Sheepdogs we put 100% care in what we do.

   I have been doing grooming service before I moved to Louisiana out in Monterey California and in North Carolina I not only got hands on training in California and North Carolina , but I also studied from a book for professional groomers called "Notes From The Grooming Table". It is an all inclusive book to show the exact way dogs should be groomed by AKC standards, unless you the customer have your own preference.

Austin Davis 


Clean working tools made of high grade stainless steal made to work with all types of dog hair to get all the jobs done. All of our tools and bathrooms are cleaned thoroughly after each grooming session to make sure nothing goes from one dog to the next. 

We have two types of nail trimming the traditional clipper style and the Dremel grinder which for most dogs works the best unless they do not like the noise then I would use the traditional clipper style. Also our buzzer is high grade and comes with all the trimming sizes needed to get the job done. 

We have two types of dryers a high powered one that works well on most dogs but also a smaller less powerful one for those smaller dogs who need a little less power. (Below)

Just a small selection of our brushes used to get that hair to work the way we need it to, to make your dog look the best it can.

Ear Cleaning one of the most important parts of a grooming on any dog. Also it helps keep ears from getting infected causing heath problems for your dog. We make sure your dogs ears are clean and free of infection during every grooming session.

Medical grade ear scope used to check for ear infections and ear mites. Always cleaned after each use. Ear health is very important for every dog. 

Our contract for services provided. We do this to guarantee each of our clients are well taken care of. Also to guarantee the safety of myself and other staff members. Please feel free to ask any questions about this form at any time. 


Austin Davis

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Dog Training Personal To Fit Your Needs 

I have been training dogs most of my life and professionally doing it for three years after training with a former AKC trainer. All of our sessions come with one free consolation and after that it is $60 for an hour and $30 for a half hour. We also do Service Dog Training as well as our normal behavior training. 

                   Professional Grooming And Training At Competitive Prices