Davis's Noble Sheepdogs

Breeding, Training, and Loving Old English Sheepdogs

In the fall of 2013, my husband and I were settling into our new home when we decided to get our first Old English Sheepdog puppy. We fell instantly in love with "Rona", and she has turned out to be the sweetest, most lovable dog and a great service dog. Rona was (and is) such an amazing dog that we decided we wanted more around, and thus Davis's Noble Sheepdogs was born. 

Davis's Noble Sheepdogs are carefully selected to meet the standard of this wonderful breed so we can provide beautiful, healthy puppies with great dispositions to loving homes. All of our puppies receive individual attention, care, and are spoiled rotten. Our goal is to provide you with a gorgeous, happy and healthy puppy that will fit right into your family.

We are located in Adkins, TX on two wonderful acres that provide plenty of space for our dogs to run, play and enjoy life.