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Vet Day

Posted on September 9, 2014 at 12:35 AM

9/6/2014 Today was vet day for the Rona Lorkan and Gidgit. Rona was going in for her yearly heartworm test and the puppies went in for there monthly heartworm meds and there last round of Leptospirosis Vaccine since it is vital to be protected here in Louisiana from it. Lorkan love the vet for some reason (I’m guessing the yummy treat the vet gives) he wags his little wiggle but the entire time. Rona is a pro and just relaxes on the floor as they took her blood sample and waited for the results. Gidgit decided to sit in my lap even though she is starting to get to big for that. Everything came back good no heartworms and the shots were done without a problem. The vet was very happy with their heath and energy levels and after that we went home and the Sheepies had a nice long play in the yard getting all dirty since it had just rained, so with that it also turned into bath day which went well for the dogs but I got soaked in the process along with the bathroom floors.

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